Early-stage enterprise tech
Bayla Ventures invests expertise, time and capital in early-stage technology companies with enterprise SaaS or AI products. We invest very early and help companies build the right foundation for long-term success.

Investments, clients, experience and impact

Judy Loehr has 20+ years experience investing in and building enterprise SaaS companies from the ground up. As an operator Judy has worked with 60+ SaaS companies, including Salesforce, Zuora, Servicemax, Conga, PartnerTap and Alchemy Cloud building out their early products and go-to-market strategies. Judy transitioned to the VC world in 2014 with a focus on early-stage B2B SaaS companies.

With Bayla Ventures Judy is building a new portfolio of successful enterprise SaaS and AI companies.

Relationships based on trust and results

I may be biased, having hired her at Salesforce and Zuora, but it's hard to find a person more experienced than Judy at marketing, product, and go-to-market strategies."
Tien Tzuo
Zuora CEO
Judy is that rare combination of effective and passionate; a board member who holds you accountable as CEO but has your back without hesitation when things go wrong. Wootric is lucky to have had her on our board in its formative years."
Deepa Subramanian
Wootric CEO
Judy's leadership, as one of the original product managers, was instrumental to building the customizable Salesforce platform, as well as the first releases of our Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and AppExchange products."
Dave Moellenhoff
Salesforce CTO & Co-Founder
Judy Loehr is a startup savant. Every startup needs a Judy in their corner."
Cassandra Gholston
PartnerTap CEO

Portfolio Acceleration

The hardest things require expertise, context, patience and a lot of elbow grease to get right. At Bayla Ventures we actually roll up our sleeves and help CEOs solve the biggest challenges. Re-thinking the product roadmap, figuring out the right pricing and packaging strategy, or crafting a new company narrative are things we’ve done a hundred times.

Product Strategy
The right product fuels growth and customer success. The right pricing model shortens sales cycles and accelerates expansion.
Product strategy  |  Roadmap planning  |  Pricing and packaging
Expert guidance on business model growth levers, positioning, pricing, marketing and partnerships.
Product marketing  |  Positioning  |  Strategic Partnerships
Bayla invests in a few companies each year. We only invest capital in enterprise SaaS startups with women CEOs.
Fundraising strategy  |  Investor dynamics  |  Investments

Resources for founders and investors

These sessions are designed specifically for B2B SaaS founders and investors and were hosted by AllRaise as part of their "Enterprise SaaS Workshop Series".

Bottoms-up Market Sizing
Provides a clear framework for doing your own bottoms-up market sizing and figuring out your ideal fundraising strategy.
SaaS Business Model Fundamentals
Part 1 of the Enterprise SaaS Workshop Series hosted by All Raise.
Developing Your GTM Positioning
Part 2 of the Enterprise SaaS Workshop Series hosted by All Raise.
SaaS Partnership Strategies
Part 3 of the Enterprise SaaS WorkshopSeries hosted by All Raise.